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High Cube Shipping Containers

2 Pallet Wide Shipping Container

Most of the standard height and high cube containers have a standard width of 8 feet, which is a perfect width for 2 standard 4 feet shipping pallets.

How many shipping pallets can you fit in a container. dependes completely on the container length & the height of the pallet load.

For a standard width shipping container and a normal height of a pallet load. You can fit.

  • 20 Pallets in a 20 ft container
  • 40 Pallets in a 40' shipping container
  • 52 Pallets in a 53' container
2 Pallet Wide Shipping Container
Wind and Water tight

Shipping Container Pallet Size

Wood shipping pallets are the mostly used pallets in shipping containers. The standard size for these wood pallets is 4 feet X 4 feet. 2 Pallet wide shipping container can fit two pallets side by side.

Keeping that 4'X4' pallet size in mind, and taking care of the pallet & the load hight combined. You can easely utilize the shipping or storage container to its maximum capacity

2 Pallet Wide High Cube Container

High cube shipping containers have the same width of a standard height container which is 8 feet wide. So they are still a two pallet wide containers.

You can fit more cargo or goods in a high cube containers by loading your pallets a little higher to take advantage of the extra foot in height

Or keep the height of shipping pallets and the load a little lower were 2 pallet wide and three pallet hight can be achieved.

pallet wide containers

All our shipping and storage containers are two pallet wide.

Some Of Our Shipping Containers Options

At seattle tacoma shipping containers we carry several options for your shipping containers needs.

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