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Shipping Container Man Door.

The basic design of a shipping container ( Storage container ) comes with one set of swing doors at one end "The back of the container".

For a cargo worthy shipping container that's more than enough. The cargo doors opens all the way to line up with the sides of the container. And there are small hooks welded to the side bottom rails to tie down the doors.

That makes it really easy to load an unload the container by hand or using a small forklift.

The only thing about these cargo doors is with age or a small damage they can be a total pain to open and close. Even without damage using a shipping container for storage that need to be accessed frequently the cargo doors can become real hassle.

What about if you need a shipping container for storage but you don't want to deal with them huge cargo doors?.
The answer to that will be installing a roll-up door or a metal man door "Weld N Go Door" for easy access.

Weld N Go Man Door
Weld N Go Man Door

How to install a man door in a storage container.

At Seattle Tacoma Shipping Containers the most requested man door type by customers is the prehung man door.

As the image to the left shows. The metal door comes pre-hung inside a 2 X 3 inches steel tubing frame ready to be installed.

The steel plate that is showing in the image is the home made man door threshold. It's made from 3 inch wide by 1/8 inch thick flat bar welded in a slight angle to a 3/4 inch wide by 1/8 inch thick flat bar. The length of the threshold is the same as the width of the man door total width.

The fastest way to install the man door.

  1. Start by making the man door steel threshold.
  2. Lay down the threshold plate were you want to install the man door inside the container.
  3. Set the pre-hung man door assembly on the threshold plate.
  4. Use a soapstone or a marker and trace around the door frame.
  5. Move the man door assembly and Cut the opening with a grinder and a cut off wheel.
  6. Grind and clean the top flange of the container bottom rail.
  7. Weld the threshold plate to the bottom rail of the container.
  8. Set the man door in the opening and weld all the way around.
  9. Prime, Paint & Install door hardware. "Door knob & Lock".

Installing a weld-n-go man door in a shipping or storage steel container is not that hard. It's a little time consuming but that's about it. Want to get an idea about the cost of installing a man door on your shipping container? feel free to contact us.

Why installing a man door on a shipping container?

Yes the shipping containers or "Storage Containers" do have swing door "Cargo Doors" and for the most that's enough to access the inside of the container.

But if you convert the container to an office space or a frequently accessed storage. You need something a lot more easier to deal with than cargo doors.

That's were a man door or even a metal roll-up door comes in play. They are easy and cheap to install and a lot more easier to open than a cargo doors.

If you are worried about the appearance of the shipping container doors " Man Door Or Roll Up Doors ". Keep in mind that they are made from metal and can always be painted.

And if that's not good enough! how about a staleness steel man door. Which can be installed just about anywhere in the shipping container, just like a standard weld-n-go man door.

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