Shipping Container Man Door

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Shipping Containers man door

Shipping Container Man Door.

Installing a shipping container man door on your storage container is one option for having easy access to the container. These are metal doors setting inside a steel frame for easy installation.

Your second option will be installing a roll-up door on the storage container. These shipping container roll up doors are metal doors and can be as small as 3ft wide and as large as 16ft wide. They are really easy to open and close by hand.

Need a man door for your shipping container? or maybe in need of a storage container with man door already installed. Either way you came to right site. We can install man doors on any shipping or storage container for you.

Get in touch with our sales team. They will get you the best deals & answers all your shipping container door questions.

The majority of our customers ordering shipping container with a man door installed usually request a shipping container windows to be installed at the same time.

Shipping Container Man Door Kit.

We get our shipping container doors from our supplier as a complete kit. They call it a Weld-n-Go man door kit and that's actually the perfect name for it. Here is what we get in the kit.

  • Prehung door assembly.
  • Door knobs.
  • Aluminum door threshold.
  • Aluminum door sweep.
  • Aluminum rain drip.
  • Door seals.

You can always get just the door and build the frame for it then try to find all the other needed parts at your local hardware store.

We have done this before but it was not worth it. The time wasted chasing for parts was more valuable than the parts.

Now we keep a stock of weld-n-go shipping container man doors at hand. So when we get an order we can get the job done within a day or two at max. No chasing for parts.

weld and go man door

The fastest way to install the man door.

There you have it. The weld-n-go man door is installed. It does not get any easier than that. That's why it's called the Weld-n-Go man door.

Is it really that easy to install the man door?.

For someone that installed hundereds of these steel framed man doors. It is that easy. But still there is a lot of things that can go wrong which makes the installation a nightmare.

Here is some tips if you end up installing the man door by yourself.


Drag the door assembly inside the container.

Don't try to do it from the outside. The door assembly is too heavy and you can easelly hurt yourself.

Before tracing the door frame to the wall. Check if the door frame is setting on the decking or the bottom rail flange. There is always a small deferent in height between the decking and the steel flange.

Don't use the floor of the container as a measuring reference. It's is never a level. Use the top rail measuring down to the top of the man door frame.


Cutting the door opening.

Use a good quality cutting wheels on an electrical grinder to cut the opening. Don't wast your time using a cordless grinder. It will take forever.

Cut on the inside of the tracing line. If the opening turend out to be a little tight it can be grind down for a perfect fit.

On the other hand if the opening is too wide. It will not be that easy to fill the gap. And at the same time filling the cap with welding beads will over heate the frame and will warp it.


Welding the door frame.

The frame need to be welded all the way around. No skip welding and caulking from the outside. The caulking will last one season then it will start leaking.

Before start welding. Make sure that the door frame fit freely inside the opening. Don't force the frame in the opening otherwise the door will bite after welding.

Alternate the weld beads from side to side and top to side so the frame will not overheat and warp on you.


The door knobs.

The door itself is ready for the door knobs. No big deal here. The frame does not have cut out to receive door knob tongues.

These can be cut out with a pilot hole and a larg 1/2 inch drill bit. Then cleaned up with a carbide carving tool on a die grinder.

weld and go shipping container man door kit

Why installing a man door on a shipping container?

Yes the shipping containers or "Storage Containers" do have swing door "Cargo Doors" and for the most that's enough to access the inside of the container.

But if you convert the container to an office space or a frequently accessed storage. You need something a lot more easier to deal with than cargo doors.

That's were a man door or even a metal roll-up door comes in play. They are easy and cheap to install and a lot more easier to open than a cargo doors.

If you are worried about the appearance of the shipping container doors " Man Door Or Roll Up Doors ". Keep in mind that they are made from metal and can always be painted.

And if that's not good enough! how about a staleness steel man door. Which can be installed just about anywhere in the shipping container, just like a standard weld-n-go man door.

Shipping container modifications is what we do

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