Shipping Container Windows

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Shipping Containers Windows

Shipping Container Windows.

Shipping container windows are your first step into bringing day light into a dark storage container. With the day light you get the fresh air too. which in turns fight moisture and condensation.

Looking for windows for your shipping container? or maybe in need of shipping container with windows already installed.

Either way you came to right site as we can install windows on any shipping or storage container for you.

Get in touch with our sales team. They will get you the best deals & answers all your shipping container windows questions.

If the shipping or storage container is used frequently adding windows will eliminate the need of installing louvered vents or roof mounted whirlybird vents to ventilate the container. Which can be costly.

All you need to do to ventilate the storage container is open the windows a few minutes a day.

Now shipping container windows might be the best solution to bring day light into the container but don't do much at night. For that time of the day a standard lighting system or a solar lighting system can be installed.

Why do i need to install windows on my shipping container if i can install a lighting system some might ask.

Well, shipping containers "Cargo Containers" are designed and built to be wind and watertight by default. If you stand inside a container and have someone close the doors on you.

You will not be able to see your hand in front of your face. They get that dark inside. From experience just walking inside a shipping "Storage" container give you that unsettled feeling of being trapped. Even with so many lights installed you will still have that feeling.

On the other hand walking inside the same shipping container with lighting system and some windows will eliminate that almost fear like feeling.

It will actually put a smile on your face. The fact that i am standing inside what supposed to be dark, enclosed place. Yet it's illuminated and don't feel like a container anymore.

shipping container window kit

Shipping Container Window Kit.

We get asked a lot about shipping container window kits. Not sure if we can call them kits. The ones we order and install usually comes as one piece.

A white vinyl window inside a 2X3 inch steel tube frame. Nothing too special about it. We pull the vinyl window out of the frame. Install the frame on the shipping container. Then insert the window in the frame and fasten it with some 5/16 self tapping bolts.

Some of the shipping container window kits comes with safety bars welded to the steel tube frame. Same thing remove the vinyl window. Install the frame and install the window.

One thing we like to add to the shipping container window is what we call rain gutter. Which is a steel flat bar that we weld on the top edge of the window frame to help with diverting the water coming down the side of the container.

How to mount windows in a cargo container

Installing a window on a shipping container is not that hard at all. If you have the right tools to do the job.

Minimum tools needed.

  • Electrical grinder.
  • Mig welder.
  • Welding helmet.
  • Impact / Drill kit.
  • Caulking gun.

The window steel frame.

If you ordered the window kit you don't have to worry about the frame. It comes with the window kit.

On the other hand if you are going to build the window steel frame? You are going to need some 2X3 inches rectangular steel tubing and a good steel chop saw to get a clean 45 degree cuts.

  • 1
    Tracing the frame to the container.
  • Position the frame where you want to install the window and trace the frame to the container wall. Welding soape stone will do just fine. Using an electrical grinder with a cutting wheel. Cut the cargo door hinge pins & remove the doors
  • 2
    Cutting the window opening.
  • You can cut out the opening with a grinder and some cutting wheels. If you have a plasma cutter you can use it to speed up the process.
  • 3
    Cleaning for welding.
  • This is the part that no one likes. Cleaning the opening cut out prepairing it for the welding. The cleaner the steel the cleaner the weld.
  • 4
    Welding the frame to the wall.
  • Insert the frame in the opening without forcing it in then weld the frame to the container all the way around. No skip welding.
  • 5
    Wire wheel & Seal.
  • Wire wheel all the welded area inside out and seal the inside with some caulking, Prime and paint
  • 6
    Installing the window.
  • Finally we can insert the window in the frame and secure it with some self tapping screws. Two screws on each side
Shipping container window frame
inside storage container window

Shipping container doors and windows

Most often when the customer order the installation of a shipping container windows they order a man door to be installed too.

The benefits of having a window on a shipping container are almost endless. But you still have to deal with them huge and not too easy to open cargo doors.

Installing a man door on the shipping container usually eliminate the need of using the cargo doors.

So there you have it shipping container windows and shipping containers man doors go together like bread and butter.

Shipping container modifications is what we do

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