Shipping Container Modifications

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Shipping Container Modifications

What does it really means when we hear the phrase "Container modifications or Shipping container customization?".

As shipping containers mechanics we take that phrase "Container Mods" as adding or removing components from the container or combining containers together to full fill a customer needs. It doesn't matter what the mod is. What really matters is the customers need.

These shipping containers can be of any type, size and height such as.

  1. Standard Size Shipping Container
  2. High Cube Shipping Container
  3. Open Top Shipping Container
  4. Refrigerated Shipping Container

Now shipping container modification could be as simple as installing a lock box on the right side door or as big as converting the container to a living quarters.

Actually we have done a much more complex container modification than a living space. Not long a go we converted a 40 foot shipping container to a mobile and standalone server room that was completely insulated, Self-sustaining cooling system, Automatic fire safety system, Security doors & cameras and so much more.

This one container modification took over 2 months to complete having a team of:

  1. Design engineer
  2. Certified electrician
  3. Certified Cooling & Air conditioning technician
  4. Steel fabricators
  5. Fire system technician

By the time the container modification was done. The only thing missing was the actual servers. Which were installed after the container was delivered to it's final location.

Shipping containers Server Room

Most Common Shipping Container Modification

Weld And Go Man Door

container man door mod

Through over 20 years of working, repairing and modifying shipping containers one of the most common requested container mod by customers was installing a "man door". Which is what some calls it "weld and go man door".

Window Mod

shipping container with windows

Just Like salt and pepper, shipping Container man door and windows almost always go together. The only different is unlike the man door the window does not come with a steel frame. The window frame have to be created from 2X2 steel tubing.

Roll Up Door

roll up door container modification Unlike a man door which comes in one standard width, shipping container roll up doors comes in a variety of widths. From a small 4 foot wide up to 12 foot wide and they can be ordered with different heights too.

Shipping Container Modification "Tunnels"

40 Foot Shipping Container Sidewalk
Container Tunnel
20 foot container tunnel mod

Shipping Container Walkway

Shipping containers can be modified to walkways tunnels with opening "Windows" and a door frame on one side and of course lighting. The 40 foot and the 20 foot shipping container pedestrian sidewalk modification are the most used sizes. Just recently a customer ordered four 10 foot tunnels which was a first for us. We do have some of these tunnels build using "One Trip" cargo worthy shipping containers and some built using storage shipping containers all ready for delivery.
These tunnels have:
  1. 4X5 feet window openings.
  2. LED lighting.
  3. Door opening for emergency evacuation.

Shipping Container Modification "Insulation"

Container Insulation Framing

Shipping Container Insulation

20 foot shipping container insulation framing using 2X4 studs.

Shipping Container Foam Insulating

Shipping Container Insulation Foam

The customer for this particular mod requested the use of foam insulating sheathing.

Shipping Container OSB

Shipping Container Insulation modification

The foam insulating sheathing will be covered with OSB boards per customer request.

Shipping Container Mods

Mobile Work Shop

Shipping Container work shop

20 foot shipping container work shop.

10 foot Shipping Container Mod

10 foot Shipping Container

Windows and a man door on a 10 foot container.

20' Shipping Container Office

Shipping Container Office

20 foot shipping container office mod.

Mobile Server Room

Server room cooling

40 foot shipping container server room modification.

Shipping Container Lock Box Mod

Shipping Container Lock Box

Shipping and storage container lock box.

20' Shipping Container Generator Room

Shipping Container Generator Room Modification

20 foot container generator room mod.


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