Shipping Container Insulation

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Shipping Containers Insulation

Insulated shipping containers.

When it comes to shipping container ( Storage container ) the only type that comes insulated from the manufacturer are the reefer containers "Refrigerated Containers".

This type of shipping containers "Refrigerated Containers" are a lot more expensive than a standard shipping container. The reason is kind of obvious.

  1. The refrigeration unit.
  2. Thicker walls.
  3. The insulation.
  4. The aluminum & stainless liners.
  5. Double seal insulated doors.

You can always find a used refrigerated shipping container for a reasonable price and it will be a lot cheaper if you ask for a used refrigerated shipping container with a bad refrigeration unit. this way you don't have to worry about the price of the unit itself.

Container Insulation sheathing Container Insulation Framing

How to insulate a shipping container.

At Seattle Tacoma Shipping Containers the most requested insulation type by customers is the foam insulating sheathing.

It's by far the cheapest and fastest way to insulate a shipping or a storage containers.

Through out the years we insulated thousands of storage and shipping containers using this type of insulation. Standard and high cube container.

How to insulate a shipping container.

  1. Start by securing the 2X4 studs to the top rail.
  2. Nail or screw down the 1X1 to the wooden floor.
  3. Start from the doors and space the vertical 2X4 studs at 4 feet center to center.
  4. Do the same thing "Step Three" to the ceiling.
  5. Cut the foam insulating sheathing to size and install in the framing.
  6. Use 4X8 Plywood or OSB to cover the insulation. Starting again from with the ceiling.
  7. When the ceiling is done. Start covering the sides working from the doors in.
  8. Cover the front wall complete. then install the last board on the left & right side "Keep these last two a little tight".

As you can see insulating a shipping or storage steel container is really not that hard. It might be a little time consuming but that's about it. Want to get an idea about the cost of insulating your shipping container? feel free to contact us.

Why insulating shipping containers?

By insulating the shipping container or "Storage Container" in turn you have a some control over the inside temperature of the container. Protecting the inside from the heat at summer and the cold at winter.

Adding a man door and a window to that insulated container and you have a good size on site office, guard shake or a mobile shop.

That's were a man door or even a metal roll-up door comes in play. They are easy and cheap to install and a lot more easier to open than a cargo doors.

There is really no limits to what you can do with an insulated shipping container. And of coarse you can choose just about any material you like to cover the insulation. If it's foam sheathing or spray on insulation.

shipping container insulation

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Seattle tacoma shipping containers are specialized in shipping and storage container modifications

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