Shipping Container Insulation

Updated: Feb 20, 2022 | Container insulation

Shipping Containers insulation

Shipping container insulation.

The only shipping containers that comes insulated from the manufacturer are the refrigerated containers. The are very heavy, designed to handle all kind of ocean abuse as they travel around the world on massive ships in the sea.

So if you are looking for an insulated shipping container that is not refrigerated you have two options.


Reefer container without the refrigeration unit.

This option is an older refrigerated container that have a good solid body and interior but have a bad refrigeration unit which is the heart of the container.

The container can be used as an insulated storage container as it is. Or the refrigeration unit can be removed and the opening can be framed and closed using steel panels.


Insulate a dry container.

With this option you can order any size of standard or high cube shipping container to be insulated and the type of insulation required.

  • Spray on insulation.
  • Insulation sheathing boards.
  • Composite FRP panels.

Need an insulated shipping container? or maybe in need of an insulated storage container. You came to right site.

We can insulate any shipping or storage container. And we can provide a refrigerated storage container without the refrigeration unit.

Get in touch with our sales team. They will get you the best deals & answers all your shipping container insulation questions.

Composit insulation panels

How to insulate a shipping container.

  • Frame the container with 2X4 wood studs.
  • Fill the voides with the foam sheathing.
  • Close the frames with OSB or Plywood.

There you have it. It does not get any easier than that to insulate a storage container.

Is it really that easy to insulate a container?.

We have insulated hundreds of shipping containers from as small as a 10 footer up to a high cube 53ft. So yes we see it as that easy. But still there is a lot more to it than just that.

Here is the long version of insulating a container.


Framing the inside of the container.

Start by fastening the 2X4 wood studs to the top rails using 5/16 self-tapping screws ( These are the same screws used to secure the container decking ). All the 2X4 will be setting on their wide flat face.

Next we need some 1X1 inches wood studs. Use a nail gun to fasten the 1X1 on the top of the 2X4 that we just installed to the top rail. This creates a corner to secure the plywood later on.

Now we nail some more 1X1 to the edge of the decking all around the container. These 1X1 studs need to line up with the 2X4 on the top rail.

Next we move to the sides. Start at the cargo doors and install the vertical 2X4 spacing them at 48 inches center to center. Do the same thing to the ceiling.

The framing should be done at this point and we move to the foam sheathing.


Insulation sheathing boards.

Now we need to cut the insulation sheathing boards to fill all the voides that got created by the wood frame.

The spacing between the studs should all be the same width and the length for the sides should all be the same too. Which makes it easy to cut the foam boards.

The foam sheathing borads can be cut one at a time using a foam saw. Or you can get a Hot Wire Foam Cutter and cut 10 boards at a time.

That's how we do it. We stack the foam board, mark the width and height and chop them all with one pass of the hot wire cutter.


Installing the plywood.

All the side plywood boards should be the same length. Which is cool we have to do only one cut at each board. Same for the ceiling. But start by installing the ceiling boards first, then move to the sides.

The only thing left is run a nice clean bead of caulking all around the top and bottom of the plywood.

foam insulating sheathing
Container frame for insulation
Installing the foam boards

Why insulating a shipping containers?

Every once in a while we get the question of why would someone insulate a shipping container.

We know that there are a lot of reasons for insulation a storage container. We will list some of the jobs that we completed for our customers. maybe that will shad some light on the question.

1 - On site or mobile shipping container engineering office.

2 - On site workers brake room.

3 - Climate controlled plant growing container.

4 - On location computer server room.

5 - Guard shaks.

Shipping container modifications is what we do

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