Standard Size Shipping Containers

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Standard Size Shipping Container

standard size shipping container

Standard shipping containers dimensions based on the ISO (International Standards Organization) are 8ft wide, 8.5ft high and come in two standard lengths, 20ft and 40ft. Tall shipping containers usually called high-cube containers and are available at 9.5ft high. One foot taller than a standard height.

20ft and 40ft shipping containers are not the only options available though. They are just the mostly used and desirable.

On the standard size shipping container, length can be as small as 10 foot and as long as 53 feet. Here is how we see them containers come in length.

  1. 10 feet standard size shipping container. Best fit for small extra storage.
  2. 16 feet standard size shipping container. Not that common these days. Perfect for mods
  3. 20 feet standard size shipping container. General use, mostly used in modifications.

    Storage shed, Mobile Office, Fair booth, Construction sidewalks, Brake room ...act.

  4. 24 feet standard size shipping container. Not that common these days. Perfect for mods
  5. 40 feet standard size shipping container. Best fit for extra large storage space.

    Besides just storage use. These standard size 40 foot shipping containers are the best for building construction tunnels. On site mobile shop, Construction site water treatment equipment container.

  6. 45 feet standard size shipping container. Mainly storage.
  7. 53 feet standard size shipping container

 shipping container sizes

standard size shipping container - high cube

High cube shipping containers are built from the same steel and flooring as the standard containers, the only different is the height. They are 12 inches taller. Beyond that they are exactly the same.

These high-cube containers follows the same ISO as standard containers and comes in lengths from 16 feet up to 53 feet long.

They come with one set of cargo doors at the rear as standard or basic design. And can be purchased or leased with two sets of cargo doors "Swing Doors", One set at the front and the other at the rear to create a double door container "container tunnel".

standard size shipping container doors.

The basic design for a standard size shipping container comes with a set of cargo doors at one end.

Now days shipping container manufacturers start getting really creative with shipping container doors. Here is a small list of container doors we've seen so far.

  1. Cargo doors at both ends.
  2. Cargo doors at one end and another centered on one side.
  3. Doors at both ends and full side "Open Side".
  4. One door set. 2/3 on right and 1/3 on left " Image to the right ".
  5. Double fold doors on one side and standard door on rear.
  6. Single swing door set at one side " About 9 foot wide door ".
  7. Single, Double and Quadruple door rod assemblies.

standard shipping container doors

standard size shipping container width.

Standard size shipping containers and high cube shipping containers have a standard width of 8 feet, which is more than enough for moving cargo and storage purposes.

But what about if you need a shipping container that's wider than 8 feet. This type of containers don't really exist in the market. The only way to get such a container is by modifying one container or use two containers to get to the desired width.

Check out this 12ft wide shipping containers " Image to the left " that we built last month for an out of state customer. It's a 40ft high cube, 12 feet wide, fully insulated with roll up doors and a man door.

Same thing goes for a none standard length. If you're restrained by space and your project require a 30ft long container for example. You're out of luck. Again 30ft long shipping containers don't exist in the market or anywhere for that matter. So what to do?.

Just contact us. That's all. There isn't a shipping container that we can't modify, There isn't a modification that we can't do, There isn't a length/width that we can't achieve.

Shipping Container Modifications Is What We Do

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