Storage Shipping Containers

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Storage Shipping Containers

Storage shipping container

Storage shipping containers "Portable storage containers" are just about every were and for some unknown reason they are almost invisible for the majority of us.

You can see them used by big name businesses like Walmart, Fred Meyers, Safeway. You can see them used by construction site and on the side of the freeways for storing parts, storing tools and equipments.

We go shipping, order merchandise online then pick them up from the stores, usually from the back of the store building, that’s were the shipping storage containers usually located but still we don’t see them or we see them but never pay attention for them.

Then when the time comes were you need an extra storage space you run to the closest self storage business, sign a rental contract and rent a small space. At the beginning the space looks more than good for your need

In no time you will start seeing how big of a hassle self storage actually is.

  1. You have to have a pass code on you all the time to enter the self storage.
  2. Best price unit might be inside of the building without an easy access.
  3. For security you have a limited time to access your unit.
  4. For saving money the self storage will turn the light off by 9:00PM.
  5. If you don’t make the monthly payment your belongings might be auctioned.

Now you will be surprise to know that a storage shipping container might be more than affordable and on the long run, much cheaper than a self storage unit.

You can find an affordable storage shipping container for sale or rent in just about any city in the united state.

Storage shipping container Vs self storage units

Unlike self storage units. Storage shipping containers can be rented or purchased. Not just rented. They can be delivered to your location and set up the way you want. With full access at all time.

If you don't have the space for the container. You can always keep it at the supplier location and have complete access to it when ever you want.

What about if you don't like the idea of dealing with large cargo doors? a man door can be installed anywhere on the storage container.

A man door is not wide enough on a storage container you say? a wide and easy to open roll up door can be installed. Storage container rollup doors can be as small as 4 foot wide and as wide as 12 foot wide with options on the height too.

One door is not good enough? multiple man door and multi roll up doors can be installed. which create a multiple access points. Load from one end and unload from another.

Still need more? How about some windows to bring in some light & fresh air. Will of course. storage shipping container windows can be installed with ease too.

Don't like the idea of windows on a storage container? Interior lighting and electrical receptacles can be added.

Not interested in doors, windows or lights but worried about airing out the storage container?. Vents can be installed to keep the container vented and the air circulating inside it.

How about insulated storage containers? When it comes to insulation. There are a two options:

  1. Refrigerated containers
  2. Adding the insulation

Refrigerated storage containers:
These containers are designed and built to transfer perishable food they are completely insulated, wind and water tight. And with the help of the refrigeration unit at the nose of the container. The inside temperature can be controlled and maintained at a required setting.

Refrigerated storage containers are not cheap:
With the constant use or the lake on constant use of these refrigerated storage containers, the main and probably the most expensive part of the container will go bad "The refrigeration unit". That will diminish the value of the container.

a refrigerated shipping container with a bad refrigeration unit can be purchased or rented at a cheap rate. So there you have it.

Back to the second option "Adding insulation to the container". These have two options too:

  1. Spray on insulation.
  2. Foam sheathing.

Both options require the storage container to be framed from the inside, usually using 2"X4" wood studs.

At this point Spray on or Foam sheathing can be applied. The spray on is the most effective to use but the most expensive at the same time.

Portable storage containers.

After a cargo worthy shipping container suitable for transporting cargo all over the world get retired, damaged or modified to the point that it will not be worthy of moving cargo anymore.

It get transformed to a storage shipping container. Worthy of storing goods. Without the right to be transported on ships in the sea. But yet keep the "Shipping" part of it's name.

Storage shipping container can still be transported on the ground via trailer chassis or flatbed trucks. But again not on a ship in the sea. which is what makes them portable storage containers

Of course it's not carved in stone that a storage shipping container have to be old, retired or damaged. You can always get a new or a "One Trip" shipping container and use it as a large storage container.

Portable storage containers comes with different sizes and heights. From 10' in length to 53' and 8' 6 inches for standard height to 9' 6 inches high cube containers and a standard width of 8'.

Storage shipping container capacity

The standard and most popular size for storage shipping container is 40' in length, 8' in width, and 8' 6 inches in height.

If you multiply these numbers you will end up with 2720 cubic feet. That's about 906 cubic yards of storage space.

On the other hand, the same size container but in a high cube design will have 3040 cubic feet of storage space. That's an extra 320 cubic feet.

The second most popular storage shipping container size is the 20' length 8' 6 inches in height and 8' width for a total of 1360 cubic feet of storage. And 1520 cubic feet for the high cube container.

All and all storage shipping container still the best solution for extra storage space, if the capacity of one container is not enough you can always get a bigger size container and if that's not enough you can stack more storage containers side by side.

If none of this will work for your situation. a custom built wide storage container will do the job. and yes we can build it for you. Check out this 12 foot wide storage container that we built for a customer as a work shop.

Moving Storage shipping container

Unfortunately the reputation of moving companies is not all that good these days. I am talking about these companies with big 53' moving trailers. That offers a complete, safe and hands free moving service.

I started by saying Unfortunately because some will offer a very attractive rate that the most will go for. Then and before the trailer that's loaded with your belonging get to your new location.

The trailer will end up in one of the moving companies depot and you get a new bill saying that the cost went up and if you don't pay the extra charge you will not get your belongings.

Not long a go there was a long and descriptive TV show on how the moving shipping companies are miss treating their customers.

What's this got to do with shipping storage containers.

Well instead of going with a moving service, you can rent or purchase a shipping container. Having it dropped in front of your house. Take your time loading it with your belongings. Have a shipping company move the storage container to your new location.

If you purchased the shipping container. You can advertise it for sale in your new location area. Were it will be available at a certain date for pick up.

If you rented the storage shipping container. Big chance that the company you bought the container from have a location near your new location. They can send a driver to pick it up.

Portable Storage Shipping Container

Refrigerated storage shipping container

Cold storage shipping container or refrigerated storage shipping container comes in variety of sizes just like a dry storage container.

They can be as small as a 10 foot storage container and as large as 53 foot high cube cold storage container with the same standard width of 8 foot wide.

Even though refrigerated storage container are a perfect solution for cold storage, usually customers who purchase or rent one they come back in no time for more. They simply run out of storage space.

a second or third cold storage container might solve the lack of cold space but you end up with storage containers scattered all over the place or even side by side and you have to keep track of which container have what in it

a better solution will be an open wide single refrigerated container, but such a wide storage container does not exist right. Not any more. Welcome to module refrigerated container...

Storage Shipping Container Modifications Is What We Do

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