Refrigerated Shipping Container

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10 Foot Refrigerated Shipping Container

Refrigerated Shipping Container

Refrigerated Shipping Containers do come variety of sizes. from as small as 10 foot cold storage container up to 53ft reefer container with a standard width of 8ft wide, and two options for the height. Standatd 8.5ft tall and a High cube with 9.5ft tall.

The outside dimensions of a refrigerated shipping containers are the same as ( Dry ) standard shipping containers. but they are completely different in all other aspects.

All the walls of a refrigerated shipping container are insulated with about 4 inches thick indestrial grade foam. The same goes for the doors and the ciling too.

The outside skin is a treated thin layer of steel thats bounded to the foam. The roof of the refrigerated shipping container on the hand is made of another thin layer of aluminum again bounded to the foam. and it's all completely sealed.

The inside of the refrigerated shipping container.

  1. The walls are covered with one full length of stainless steel sheel.
  2. The ciling is coverd with one full length of aluminum sheet.
  3. The floor is made of strips of thick aluminum that interlock and welded at the ends.
  4. The aluminum flooring have full length groves for air circulation.
  5. Inner door frame lined up with stainless steel.
  6. Dual rubber gasket on the insulated doors.
  7. Same door locking hardware as dry container

The image to the left shows the inside of a refrigerated shipping container ( Freezer )through the opening of the removed refrigeration unit.

shipping container refrigeration unit

Shipping container - Refrigeration units

The hart of any refrigerated shipping container or reefer shipping containers is the refrigeration unit which is what creates the freezing cold air and circulate it inside the container.

These refrigeration units are capable of controlling temperature inside the refrigerated shipping container ranging from -65 °C up to 40 °C. ( -85 °F up to 104 °F )

Even though the are completely different manufacturers and completely different systems. The both do the same function generate cold air.

Another cool thing about these different refrigeration units is that the all have a standard mounting frame. Which means you can simply pull out a thermo king unit and install a carrier unit without any problems at all.

The same refrigeration unit you see on a 10 foot container you will see on a 53' container.

Refrigerated shipping containers power requirements

Refrigerated shipping container refrigeration units are basically a module. Self-contained unit as the image above shows it can be removed easily by removing the bolts ataching it to the container.

The power requirements for these refrigeration units is a three phase 460/480 VAC at 60Hz. If this 460/480 VAC not available to power the refrigerated shipping container, a Step-up transformers that takes either 208VAC or 230/240 VAC, can be used to provide the required voltage.

The image to the right shows a shipping container refrigeration unit with the Step-up transformer installed.

refrigerated shipping container power requirements

Refrigerated shipping containers power source

refrigerated shipping container power

Connect to building power source

refrigerated shipping container clip on generator

Clip-On container diesel genset

refrigerated shipping container diesel genset

Connect to a diesel portable generator

Refrigerated shipping container custom built door

While the reefer shipping container is going to be used for local storage only. There might no be a reasone to keep the fat and heavy cargo doors.

A single full width custome built door can be installed to replace both cargo doors at the same time.
Some of this single door featuers.

  1. Comes as a kit in frame ready to install
  2. This single door is a lot lighter than cargo doors.
  3. Can be easily opened from outside and inside.
  4. Safety unlock from inside.
  5. Adjustable weigh balance wheel.
  6. Heat element all around the door sealent to prevent freezing.

Some of these custome built refrigerated shipping container door kits comes with a built in man door inside the single full width door or a bi-fold doors.

If you just want to walk in the container you don't have to open the big door just use the man door. But if you need to load or unload the container and need more opening just open the full width door.

Storage none refrigerated shipping container

What about if you have a need for a perfectly insulated shipping container without the need of the refrigeration unit.

As good as the added on insulation on a standard shipping container, it will never be as good as the insulation on a refrigerated shipping container.

We do a lot of insulation on shipping containers and we know it's never the same as a reefer.

Not long a go. a customer ordered two refrigerated shipping container and they have no need for the refrigeration unit.

We removed the refrigeration unit and framed the opening with 2X2" steel tubing, and covered the whole front with steel sheets. Cleaned, Sealed & Paint.

We end up with a perfectly insulated shipping container that doesn't have the extra cost of the refrigeration unit. in it's place the customer plan was to add extra shelving.

Another customer had the same order but added two roof top air conditioning to controll the temperature and air circulation inside the insulated container.

There you have it. a reasonably priced storage insulated shipping container. Keeping in mind that if the container have a groved aluminum floor. That floor can be covered with flat aluminum sheets or even treated wood sheets.

All new models of refrigerated shipping container comes with a much better aluminum flooring design that's almost grove free and a lot earier to walk on.

Refrigerated shipping container price

Just like standard built shipping containers. Refrigerated shipping container have variety of sizes and conditions.

  1. Standard height reefers
  2. High cube reefers
  3. 10, 20, 40, 45 and 53 foot in length
  4. New, One trip & wind and water tight

In the top of all this we still have the other options of. Buy, Rent or lease. So to get to the bottom of it, it's best just to contact us to get to all your questions regarding your next refrigerated shipping container.

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