Shipping Container With Side Doors

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20 Foot Shipping Container Side Doors

Shipping Container With Side Doors

Shipping container with side doors! When we get asked that same question we pause for a second and wonder what kind of doors are we asked about.

Are we talking about shipping container swing doors (cargo doors). Is it an add on roll up doors, or even a man door on the side of the steel container?

Even though the question is very clear. "Do you have shipping container with side doors?" it's still a little vague, as there are several types of doors that can be mounted on the side of any shipping container.

Granted that several shipping container manufacturers start designing and building different styles of side doors such as.

One set of cargo doors in the middle of the container side, Several swing doors on the side folding on each others to have a complete open side shipping container. We even saw some with one third by two thirds swing doors.

20 Foot shipping container with side door

This was what the customer ordered couple of months ago. Not just one shipping container with side door. It was a total of ( 8 ) 20 foot containers with three sets of cargo doors.

  1. One set on the rear of the container
  2. One set of doors on the front of the container
  3. And one set on the center of the container side

The order came in just about the busiest time of the year and we were out of shipping containers with manufactured side doors. There were some on order, but the customer couldn't wait till the ship reaches the port.

We had to improvise. We do have bunch of 20 foot containers with double doors ( Doors at both ends of the container ) and it happened that we were in the process of finishing an earlier large order of shipping container tunnels. Which means that we have a stack pile of brand new shipping container doors that have no use of.

 Side doors shipping container

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Custom built shipping container with side door

After a little of head scratching we decided to built the side doors ourselves. We have the containers, we have the container doors, and the expertise to get the job done.

We figured out the steel needed to build the side doors frame, Ordered the steel and some door hing butts. And we went at it.

The shipping container side doors had to be recessed, the doors should not be sticking out of the container side. They had to be within "ISO" specifications.

We start by marking were the doors have to go and cut out the steel panels, the width was not a problem as there is a lot of room. The height on the other hand was something else.

We used standard height cargo doors for this job, as we were using a standard height shipping containers. For the doors to set flush with the side panels we had to shave the bottom rail steel flange and remove the top rail square tubing too.

Shipping container Side Doors In Frame

At this point of the shipping container side door mod. The exact amount of steel needed to be removed was determined. And the custom build door frame was figuered out.

The container side door frame was attached to the container side one piece at a time. Welded on all the way around ( No Caulking ). We never use caulking on the outside of any welding we do.

The new side doors were inserted in the frame. Adjusted & lined up perfectly with the side panels ready for the new hinge butts to get installed.

After installing the side doors hinge butts. The doors were tested for proper swing and gasket line up. Then it was time to install the door rod cam keepers. Top & Bottom

Finally it was time to do some cleaning up and prepairing for paint.

By the time the first container with side door was done all the needed measurements and materials were will known. The other 7 were a lot easier to build as the all have to be identical.

The shipping container with side doors was born

20 foot shipping container Side Door Cut Out
shipping container side door frame
White shipping container With Side Doors

Shipping container with side door

20 Foot Shipping Container Custom Side Doors

Shipping container Side Door Options

So far all what we talked about was a single type of shipping container side doors " cargo Doors ". But that's not the only option available.

This was basically what this customer order to full fill his particular needs. And to be honest it was a first too.

When it comes to shipping container side doors, or doors in general there are three options that we know of.

  1. Cargo doors ( Swing Dual Doors )
  2. Rollup Doors ( From 4foot wide up to 12foot wide
  3. Man doors.

Here we have another custom built shipping container with all three types of door options and a container window kit too.

Shipping Container Modifications Is What We Do

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