Shipping Containers Pedestrians Walkways

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Shipping Containers Walkways

Shipping Container Sidewalk Tunnels.

Shipping container pedestrians walkway or tunnel start their existence as a 40 foot shipping container or a 20' shipping container. These are the two most common shipping containers sizes.

At the same time they are not the only options for walkway tunnels. Any shipping container can be converted to side walk pedestrians tunnel no matter if it's a standard height or high cube.

Just last week one of our customers ordered [ 4 ] 10 foot container tunnels. Which was probably the first time we actually converted a 10 foot containers to sidewalk tunnels.

Some of our mechanics were a little baffled by the order "10 foot tunnels with 2 light's in each and a 4' X 5' window opening!" they say?

Well that's what the customer ordered, if you think about the shipping container tunnels as lego blocks and there is no room at the end of the tunnel for 40' or 20 foot container and at the same breath 10 foot tunnel will do the job. It's actually the smart way going about it.

Container Pedestrians Walkways

Shipping Container Walkway For Construction Site.

These sidewalk tunnel are perfect solution for protecting and providing a safe path for pedestrians in construction sites.

The most majority of the shipping containers pedestrians walkways tunnels we build at seattle tacoma shipping containers end up at construction sites.

The image to the left shows a full block shipping container construction tunnel in down town portland (OR). This tunnel stretches from one intersection to the next providing a safe path for pedestrians and cyclist too

These container tunnels get called a lot of names like. Covered Pedestrian Walkways, Pedestrian Sidewalk, Construction Tunnels, Shipping Container Tunnels, Sidewalk tunnels.

For us as container technicians we just call them container tunnels.

Converting a shipping container to pedestrians tunnel

Converting a shipping container to pedestrians walkway tunnel is really not that big of a deal in it's basic form.

Just remove the swing doors off the back. And the front wall and you have a tunnel.

But hold on a second. Does in it weaken the structure of the steel container by doing that?. Well, you are absolutely right. These construction site sidewalk tunnels have to stay strong to handle serious weigh falling on them.

That's why we add extra vertical steel tubing to the front wall and steel gussets on the front and the back too, "Swing Door Frame". You can see what i am talking about in the first image on this page.

Shipping container tunnels mod
Container tunnels with lights


People can get a little uncomfortable walking inside a dark tunnel, and these container tunnels are no different. They will get dark inside when there is more than two or three lined up back to back even in the sunniest day.

To remedy that we add an over sized 4' by 5' window frames to one side of the container tunnel, and a door frame in the middle in case of an emergency or fast evacuation.

What about night time you might ask. Well we got that covered too. If you look closely at any of the images on this page, you will find weather proof lights installed at the opposite side of the window frames.

These lights can be chained from one pedestrians walkway tunnel to the next via electric junction boxes.

Seattle Tacoma Shipping Containers modifications

Seattle tacoma shipping containers are specialized in shipping and storage container tunnels

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