Shipping Container Solar Lighting

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High Cube Shipping Container

Shipping Container Solar Lighting

Shipping container solar lighting is becoming the most desired lighting system for shipping and storage containers. No more tripping and fumbling in a dark container.

When the shipping container "Storage Container" is set close to power outlet. ( close to a building with external power outlet ) a standard lighting system can be installed inside the container to provide internal lighting. Fluorescent or LED lights all the same.

A pigtail from the shipping container and an electrical extension cord is all you need to supply the container with power.

But what about if the shipping container is not close to a power supply or you just don't want to worry about running a long extension cord to it.

Shipping container solar lighting will be the best solution. no cords to worry about and no worry about loosing power too.

shipping container solar panels
shipping container solar led lights

Shipping Container Solar Lighting Kit

The shipping container solar lighting kit installed on the shipping container showing on this page came complete.

  1. Solar panel & Mounting brackets.
  2. Solar power charging controller.
  3. 12V battery & Mounting bracket.
  4. Wall mount On/Off switch.
  5. Two strips of LED lights.
  6. Industrial double face tape.
  7. Enough wires to wire a 40' container.

The only thing we had to modify or replace was the battery mount. The one came with the kit was design to hold the battery on the floor.

But as you can see in the top right image the shipping container solar lighting battery was installed in a custom built hanger mounted at the top of the wall panel as per customer request.

Installing the shipping container solar lighting battery that high up in the container came with a lot of benefits.

  1. The solar lighting system became very compact.
  2. The solar panel was less than 2 feet away from the controller & battery.
  3. The amount of wires needed was reduced to minimum.
  4. The On/Off switch end up less that 4 feet away.
  5. The time of installing the system was cut in half.

Shipping Container Solar Lighting Kit Installation

This solar powered shipping container lighting kit installation happened to be on a high cube reefer container which makes it a little easier than on a standard shipping container.

Because of the stainless steel wall panels and ceiling it was really easy to apply the double face tape that hold the LED strips.

  1. Start by building the battery hanger.
  2. Fasten the hanger to the top of the wall panel.
  3. Drill a small hole through the ceiling out for the solar panel wires.
  4. Fasten the charger controller as close as possible to the battery.
  5. Install the LED strips using the double face tape.
  6. Run electrical conduit to the On/Off switch and the LED strip edge.
  7. Install the solar panel on the roof using brackets & Sealant.
  8. Run the wires as indicated on the solar charging controller.

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