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Shipping Containers Roll Up Doors

Shipping container with roll up door.

Shipping container with roll up door are always available for sale from just about any local shipping container sales depot. These types of doors ( Roll Up ) do not usually come installed from the shipping containers manufacturing company.

The reason for that is obvious. There is no standard to were the roll up door should be installed on the container. It's purely a customer preference.

Roll up doors are usually added to the shipping or storage container by means of modifications.

So if you find a storage container with a roll up door already installed. Big chance that the container was ordered with a roll up door and the customer changed his/her mind or the storage container came back from rent or lease.

front wall roll-up door

Shipping container roll up door size.

Roll up doors are typically offered in 4feet wide To 12feet wide and a height of 7 feet to fit a standard sized container or 8 feet tall for high cube containers.

  1. 4 ft Wide roll up door
  2. 6 ft Wide roll up door
  3. 8 ft Wide roll up door
  4. 10' Wide roll up door
  5. 12' Wide roll up door

Other roll up door sizes can be obtained by special order of desired size. And yes at Seattle Tacoma shipping containers we can install any roll-up door size you desired.

How about an insulated roll-up door on the front wall of a 20 ft shipping container with insulated walls and a man door. And a class window on the man door too.

How to install roll up door in shipping container

Roll up door quick installation run down.

When purchasing a roll up door kit make sure to get the door threshold plate too if you are not going to make one yourself.

If you don't install the door threshold plate you will regret it with this first rain fall as the roll up door will leak water inside.

Do yourself a big favor and don't skip the threshold plate.

In this roll up door installation section we will assume a 8 foot wide door (96 Inches). The proper way to install any kind of doors is to have a frame for it. We will be using a 2X2 inches steel tubing for the framing.

  1. Decide where you want the roll up door to be.
  2. Draw a 100 inches wide by 82 inches high rectangle on the inside of the container.
  3. Using a grinder with a cut off wheel cut out the roll up door opening.
  4. Using a grinder again clean the bottom rail top flange.
  5. Grind off the paint about one inche wide all around the opening.
  6. Lay down the threshold plate flush with the bottom rail flange, and weld in place
  7. Using the 2X2 steel tubing frame the opening.
  8. Lay the roll up door inside the container on the floor away from the opening.
  9. Attach the vertical rails to the door brackets.
  10. Line the bottom of the door tracks to the bottom of the L&R frame.
  11. With some help stand the roll up door against the frame and fasten the rails.
  12. Cut the plastic wrap of the door roll and drop the edge in track.
  13. Install door hardware and adjust tensioner as needed.

shipping container modifications
6 foot shipping container rollup door

double door high cube shipping containers

Double Roll-Up Door High Cube Container

Of course more than just one roll up door can be installed on a shipping container. But you have to keep in mind that the more doors you install on the container the weaker the container will become.

The corrugated steel panel are the strength of the shipping container. The more you remove the weaker it gets, even with the strength of the roll up door steel frame.

A few months ago a customer requested a 40 ft container with 5 roll up doors, two 12 footers on each side and an 8 foot roll up door on the front, which we did. Then there was a request for the container to be surveyed.

When our certified surveyor saw the container he was impressed with the quality and the craftsmanship, but he refused to certify the container saying there is almost nothing lift of the strength in the container.

Insulated storage container roll up doors

One other option for storage containers roll up doors, is an insulated door. It will make no sense to insulate a storage container without an insulated roll up doors.

Insulated roll up doors protect the inside of the container from the cold and heat.

The cost of an insulated roll up door is a little more than a standard roll up door. But the installation and the cost of it is the same.

Through out the years we at seattle tacoma shipping containers installed thousands of insulated and standard roll up doors from as small as a 4 ft wide to a 12 feet wide. And we have a satisfied customers track to prove it.

insulated  storage container roll up doors

Seattle Tacoma Shipping Containers modifications

Seattle tacoma shipping containers are specialized in shipping container roll up door installation

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