Shipping container with roll up door.

Updated: Feb 19, 2022 | Roll up doors

Shipping Container roll up doors

Shipping container with roll up door.

Shipping container roll up doors are one of the options available to add extra access points to any shipping or storage container.

The roll up door is made of light weight corrugated metal, They are very affordable and easy to install.

Shipping container roll up doors are available in a variety of sizes. They can be as small as 3ft wide and as large as 16ft wide.

At lease these are the sizes that we have installed so far. Not sure if there are any roll up door that is larger than 16ft wide for shipping containers.

And just like the shipping container man door they can be installed on any side of the container and at the same time multiple doors can be installed at the same side if there is enough space for them.

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We can install any size of roll up doors on any shipping or storage container. And we can even replace the cargo doors with an easy open roll up door too.

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How to install a shipping container roll up door.

  • Cut out the roll up door opening.
  • Frame the opening with steel tubing.
  • Install the door.

These are the steps to prepair the container and install the door. We will go over them in more details.

We are going to be installing an 8ft wide roll up door. And we are going to be using a 2X2 inches square steel tubing for the frame.


Door opening cut out.

We are installing an 8ft roll up door this means the opening after framing need to be 8ft wide and 80 inches tall. The height for the frame is the same to all roll up doors.

Based in this information. The cut out need to be 100 inches wide and 82 inches tall. We added two inches to the sides and the top.

Now we can draw the door cut out rectangle on the container wall and with an electrical grinder and some cutting wheels we can cut out the opening.

It's a good idea to start by cutting the bottom part first, then the sides and keep the top as the last to be cut.


Framing the cut out.

We only need three pieces of the square steel tubing to frame the opening. Two for the sides and one for the top.

The corners need to be cut at 45 degrees to eleminate the need of capping the steel tubes.

You can do the 45 degrees cut by hand with the grinder. but a good steel chop saw will go faster and gives a clean cuts.

Using your mig welder start by tack weld the top piece first then move to the sides. Tack welding first then when all looks good we can weld the frame all the way around.

The roll up door threshold can be cut to size and weld to the bottom rail.


Clean, Seal & Paint.

Clean all the welded areas inside out. Seal the inside with caulking. Prime & Paint as needed.

By now the door frame should be done and the container is ready for the roll up door.

So lets bring the roll up door inside the container and set it as far from the frame against the container wall.

Roll up door cut out
Roll up door frame
roll up door threshold

Installing the shipping container roll up door

The majority of the time in installing a roll up door on a shipping container is spent on prepairing the container. Installing the door does not take more than 15 minutes.

Do not remove the plastic werpping of the door coil. It is what holding the door from unwined. The door coil is under spring tension and the wrapping is what holding it.

Here is a quick run down on installing the door. You are going to need a second set of hands.

1 - Fasten the vertical tracks to the door coil.

2 - Stand the door against the frame & Secure it with self tapping bolts.

3 - Drop the edges of the coil in the tracks and cut the wrapping.

4 - Install the door stoppers.

5 - Add some tension to the coil spring.

The roll up door should be really easy to open and close without much of a force. That's about it. The door is installed.

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