High Cube Shipping Container

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High Cube Shipping Container

High cube shipping container

Are you looking for high cube shipping containers for sale in Tacoma? If so, read on. This article contains everything you need to know about high cube containers.

High cube shipping container are often used for various commercial, industrial and rural storage needs. Its standard height is 9 feet and 6 inches, while the length of the container may range from 16 to 53 feet.

The dimensions of the most commonly used high cube container are: 9 feet and 6 inches in height, 8 feet wide, and 20 feet in length.

Compared to the standard shipping container though, the high cube shipping container is only taller by 12 inches (1 foot). However, when it comes to all other aspects, they are the same. Both have corrugated steel panels and have the same doors, flooring, ISO. etc.

You might be asking, why is it important to know the difference between a standard container and a high cube shipping container? Well, the answer is pretty simple. Even though the height difference is only 12 inches, this can be crucial in terms of extra storage.

When shipping greater amounts of cargo load, an extra foot in the height of your container can give you several hundred more cubic feet worth of additional storage space. In fact, a high cube container just might save your day and help you avoid shipping nightmares.

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high cube shipping container dimensions

Space You Gain From High Cube Container

This might be a surprise to some, but here’s what a mere twelve inches in extra height of a container can give you in terms of storage space:

  1. For a 20' high cube container you’ll gain an extra 160 cubic feet storage
  2. For a 40' high cube container you’ll gain an extra 320 cubic feet storage
  3. For a 45' high cube container you’ll gain an extra 360 cubic feet storage
  4. For a 53' high cube container you’ll gain an extra 424 cubic feet storage

Hundreds of storage cubic feet are really worth considering when shopping for shipping container. If you are looking for a high cube container within the Seattle / Tacoma area, we would be happy to help.

When To Use High Cube Shipping Containers

While not all shipping situations require a high cube container, there are many specific instances where it is the perfect choice:

  1. Over height cargo.
  2. Any cargo that is more than 8 feet high is considered to be over height. In such situations when you have over height cargo to be shipped, it is much more preferable to use high cube containers as long as your overall load will not exceed the maximum gross weight of 67,200 pounds (this is the total weight of the container plus the cargo weight the container can hold).

  3. Light and voluminous cargo load.
  4. If you are shipping light cargo in high volumes, the 40 ft. high cube container is often used. Again, the reason for this is the extra storage space. Some examples of such cargo load are packed merchandise and hardware supplies.

  5. All types of dry cargo.
  6. All items such as tall furniture, packed merchandise stored in boxes, equipment, loose cargo, etc., can be stacked inside the high cube shipping container.

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Man door on a 40 foot high cube container

High Cube Shipping Container Modifications

We mentioned earlier that our high cube shipping containers come in various lengths ranging from 16 ft. to 53 ft. However, if you need your container to be of specific size not mentioned here, we can help modify your container to the desired size. In fact, we can provide just about any kind of modification you may require..

Most Common High Cube Container Mods.

Feel free to contact us for all your high cube container modifications.

High cube storage container

High cube shipping containers are the most desirable containers for storage because of that extra 12 inches in height. They are " 1 foot taller " than standard containers.

An extra foot in hight might not sound that much, but multiplying that by the width and the length of the container and you will see how much of extra space you will end up with.

High cube container have the same doors options as the standard container do. The basic design comes with a standard set of cargo doors at one end.

high cube storage container

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